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elariaà believes that most projects are simply made too complex for the problem they are trying to solve. Our project managers, senior consultants, and engineers bring simplicity and predictability to engagements and help clients to significantly improve their efficiency through the use of proven technology and business management strategies. We apply a methodical and structured approach to design elegant solutions for even the most demanding project challenges.

elariaà clients are a broad and diverse group across three verticals. What they all have in common is a deep-rooted foundation of Information Technology that not only supports their daily operations, but provides opportunities for revenue growth while decreasing operating costs. Initially focusing within Healthcare IT alone, elariaà has expanded our client-base to include Healthcare-related industries such as Pharmaceutical firms. Also, we've stepped "outside the box" to partner with corporations such as Gas & Electric, State-sponsored businesses, and begun establishing partnerships as a Tier 2 vendor with Federal Government agencies through GSA. This rapid expansion of elariaà's client-base has not only enhanced our already vast knowledge of various technological implementation process, but it essentially raised the bar for what the executive board at elariaà has always known; there is no limit to the value elariaà consultants bring to the table.